Michigan Pickleball

Learn more about what we do and who we are.

Our Purpose

Michigan Pickleball was organized to promote, connect, and network Pickleball in the State of Michigan. The group can generally answer common questions, point you to official rules, tournaments, places to play, provide lessons, and provide general background on America's #1 growing sport. We focus our content on Pickleball in Michigan specifically. We strive for quality communications and excellence in Pickleball. 


Core Values 

Love Matters - Pickleball can be intense but we love each other anyways.  Pickleball... the best community in the world.  

Passionate with Perspective - At the end of the day,  it's just a plastic ball with holes in it.  Sometimes we take the game seriously and other times we are just having fun.  We are passionate either way.   

Integrity - Yes truth matters and so does your line call (LOL).  Do what is right and fair. 

Competitive -  We love competive play of equal skill sets.  Competition makes us all better. 


Our Vision 

We would like to see Pickleball grow exponentially. We have a vision for having the largest indoor pickleball facility in the United States, right here in Michigan.


Our Mission

We continue to try and move pickleball forward each and everyday.  Our mission is to connect pickleball people, clubs, pros, tournaments, and organizations togther across Michigan.